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6Books of Abandon

Research and editorial design, in collaboration with Alja Berlot and Patrick Zavadskis. Under supervision of Mauro Bubbico. ISIA U, February 2020

Books of Abandon series consists of two parts.First being Geographies of Abandon, a selection of essays by various writers, poets and philosophers and a detailed description of ghost towns in Italy. Second; Abandoned Town of Italy, a photobook with images by Francesco Rinaldi.

Book dimensions of 240 x 175 mm, using 110 gsm uncoated Arcoset paper and 300 gsm laminated Gardamat for covers.

Cover front
Cover back

Cover of the first book, Geographies of Abandon.

essay section

Accompanying images thematically mirror their content or in other cases offer a subversive view.

essay section 2

Essay section with large heading style and a robust double-column layout to accommodate for lengthy passages of text.

Town section 1

Locations are introduced with a satellite image, largely set numeral of remaining inhabitants and a table with general information.

Book 2 cover front
Book 2 cover back

Both parts are connected through their layout and typographical choices and serve to supplement each other, offering different perstectives towards understanding the subject of abandonment.

Photography 1
Photography 2
Photography 3