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4Thoughts on Design

Writing, research and editorial design. Under supervision of Jonathan Pierini. ISIA U, February 2020

Interrogating the structures that form and determine future possibilities for graphic design Thoughts on Design serves as an exploration of unfulfilled futures.

Softcover, 240 x 154 mm, 28 pages, saddle stich bound booklet. Printed on 110 g/m2 Palatino paper.

Booklet cover

Front cover. Title itself takes a rather dry, academic approach; refering to the theme of our resarch and time interval during which it took place.

Table of Contents

Table of contents.

Spread 1

Layout is built to accommodate for a single column of text, while figures – which separate excerpts and ideas by different authors – reach inside the boundaries of the mirror.

Spread 2

Thumbnail images of authours and influences serve as thematic breaks.

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